millimetric Reconfiguration - March 2011

« After the successful debut album Expériences Modernes released on M-tronic, Millimetric returns with a new CD of remixes - including established names like The Hacker, David Carretta, Dirk Da Davo, The Horrorist,... but also new talents like Nomenklatür or Lyynk - and previoulsy unreleased tracks.
This is a new assault for the dancefloor, techno with ebm touches at its best !!!
All customers who will buy directly from us will receive a download link with 4 additional tracks

(3 remixes and 1 collaboration track with The Hacker).

The album is packed in a beautiful digisleeve printed on matte varnish paper (like a small vynil record !).

MILLIMETRIC album "Reconfiguration".
You can listen to a sound teser of the album and get all the details for pre-ordering on our website at

The physical CD album will contain 12 remixes and 3 unreleased tracks, and customers who buy directly from us will be offered 4 additional tracks
featuring The Hacker and Riotmiloo, and two remixes by Equitant and Foretaste. ”




01 - Smoking Kills - THE HACKER remix

02 - Dans Mes Yeux - LYYNK remix

03 - Manic Depression - DAVID CARRETTA remix

04 - Colargol - ADRIANO CANZIAN remix

05 - Die Angst - CHRISTOPHER KAH remix

06 - Dans Mes Yeux - 9 ELMA remix

07 - Colargol - NOMENKLATUR remix

08 - 1972 - PEOPLE THEATRE remix

09 - Escape From Camp 81 - CLUB AMOUR remix

10 - Smoking Kills - THE HORRORIST remix

11 - Dans Mes Yeux - STRANGE CONNECTION remix

12 - Prejudicial Silence - DIRK DA DAVO remix

13 - Industry and morality (unreleased)

14 - Action body (unreleased)

15 - Can't speak (unreleased)


Mastering at AirMastering Studio (London).

Listen to a teaser here:




Influencé par Front 242 / D.A.F./ Liaisons dangereuses / Klinik et Severed Heads, François-Xavier Michel commença ses expérimentations sonores en 1988. Dans ses premiers projets « Digital Blood » et « Binarcode », il travailla sur la structure et les sons, sur le sampling et la technologie. Apres plusieurs demo cds et plusieurs compilations, il décida de créer millimetric inspiré de nouvelles formes de musiques électroniques. Le son de millimetric est le résultat d’influences diverses (New Beat, E.B.M. et Minimal wave).

Aujourd'hui, le résultat de ses nouvelles influences met en scene un live-act actuel, moderne, minimaliste.


Influenced by acts such as old minimal electronic stuff , François-Xavier Michel has started experimenting with friends machines and computers.
In its projects « Digital Blood » and « Binärcode », FX has worked structures and sounds, samples and technology, live performance...

In 2002, millimetric begins to exist influenced by old minimal and EBM stuffs.
After several EPs (Goodlife, UWE,…) and  remixes (The Hacker, David Carretta, The Horrorist,…), FX presents now a new album and live act.


Today, the result of his new influences leads to a modern minimalist live act.


Discography & Pressbook




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Sample of a millimetric live-act @ Rachdingue Club. Vilajuiga.Spain (04/08/10)



Clubs & Parties

/ Main dates live

ANCIENNE BELGIQUE (Brussel / Belgium) for the "25th birthday of Front 242" with Front 242,...

LA LOCOMOTIVE (Paris / France) with D.A.F (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft).

REX CLUB with Dave Clark Paris / France

GRADILISTE with The Hacker Novi Sad / Serbia


PLATINIUM Nancy / France

ZOO / USINE Geneve / Switzerland

MC2 GOODLIFE PARTY with Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Kiko, Oxia... Grenoble/France

SUGAR FACTORY with Kiko, Oxia , Human Body,... Amsterdam / Netherlands

FESTIVAL DECIBEL with David Carretta, Terence Fixmer, Agoria,... Toulouse / France

INDUSTRIAL #11 with Placebo Effect. Cannes / France.

GOODLIFE SONAR PARTY 2006 @ LOFT CLUB( Barcelona / Spain) with Vitalic, The Hacker, Oxia,...

BEAR ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 (Andenne / Belgium).

HARD MINIMAL #2 (Aix en Provence / France) with Miss Airie,...

BLACK DOG (Paris / France) with Trisomie 21, Linda Lamb.

FESTIVAL OFF "NUITS SONORES 2006". DV1 (Lyon / France) with Jerôme D.

STUDIO 88 (Aix en Provence / France) with The Hacker, Oxia.

REX CLUB (Paris / France) with Hypnoskull.

CRAFT (Lyon / France) with Zombie Nation.

BATOFAR (Paris / France) with Kiko, Oxia.

LA VILLA ROUGE (Montpellier / France) with Jack de Marseille, Agoria, Elisa do Brasil, The Hacker...

FAT KAT (Bordeaux /France) with The Youngsters, Kraft, ...

TROLLEY BUS (Marseille / France) with Mimetric, Empusae,...

TRANSERRUPTION festival 2003 (Grenoble / France) with Vitalic, The Hacker, Human Body, Jack de Marseille,...

MAINS D'OEUVRE for the "3rd birthday of Uwe label" (Paris / France) with Manu le Malin, The Hacker, Electric Indigo,...

ELECTRO DEEJAY'S CONFERENCE festival (Grenoble / France) with Human Body, Woody Mc Bride,...

TM04BASE festival (Timisoara / Romania) with The Hacker,...

MILLESIME festival #2 (Cussac-Fort-Medoc / France) with Terence Fixmer, David Carretta, Agoria, ...

GOODLIFE SONAR PARTY 2004 @ LOFT CLUB( Barcelona / Spain) with The Hacker, Human Body,...

TRIPTYQUE (Paris / France) with Arnaud Rebotini.

THE LEGEND (Monaco) with The Hacker, Osmoz

MICROFAUNE #4 festival. L’OLYMPIC (Nantes / France) with Dats Politics, The National,...

ART LAUNCH #3 festival. MELK WEG (Amsterdam / Holland) with South Soniks, DJ Kagami,...

CLUB PLASTIC (Belgrad / Serbia)

CICLIC (Terrassa / Spain)

ARAKISS (Grenoble / France) 

TERMINAL EXPORT (Nancy / France)

ZOOBIZARRE (Geneve / Switzerland)

CULTURE CLUB (Ghent / Belgium).



Live @ Rex Club (Paris - France)
Live @ La Locomotive (Paris - France)
Live @ Ancienne Belgique (Brussel - Belgium)
Live @ Studio 88 (Aix en Provence - France)
Live @ Trolley bus (Marseille - France)
Live @ TM04base festival (Timisoara - Romania)
Live @ Black dog (Paris - France)
Live @ Melk Weg (Amstersam - Holland)



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Tel: +35699456217


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